Monday, March 9, 2009

Working for the Weekend

This weekend was rough. I had to go into work at the full-time job all day on Saturday to attend a conference we were holding at the office. It was especially painful because it was a gorgeous day and I had to spend it indoors listening to people talk about math - ugh! Then, yesterday, I wound up having to work the morning shift because my co-worker got the schedule messed up and thought she was working at night instead of the morning. Since I live the closest (you know, through a door in the office...) and I was working at night anyway, they asked me to come in for an abbreviated morning shift. It was nice to get out early, since it was a really nice day once again, but working in the morning (which I haven't done in over a year) combined with daylight savings really threw me. And it means, once again, that I didn't get a weekend. I'll get a comp day from the full-time job to make up for coming in all day Saturday, but I think I'm going to hang onto it until next month, since I just got back from vacation. I thought about taking today off, but then my boss gave me her broken laptop to have fixed today, so I have to go into work. Oh well.

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