Monday, January 26, 2009

What Should I Do with Birthday Money?

About a month ago, I turned 26. This weekend, I received some belated birthday gifts from my godfather and my grandparents: my grandparents gave me $50, and my godfather gave me a check for $100. My godfather and aunt also gave me a $100 giftcard to Lord & Taylor.

Normally, I'd throw the money into my savings. However, January is one of the two months this year in which I receive an "extra" paycheck from the inn (my full-time job pays semi-monthly. bah). So, I'm already over-contributing to my savings this month.

I could use it to further pay down my student loan debt -- in fact, that's what I did with some of my "extra paycheck" money earlier this month. This is still a possibility.

I could use the money to buy something for myself, but there really isn't anything I need right now. And, I have the Lord & Taylor giftcard to spend as well, so I'd rather not spend all of money on STUFF.

I think I'll put an extra $50 towards my federal loan next month. I'll also put $25 extra into my downpayment fund and emergency fund, and put the other $50 into my fun fund. I'm going on vacation at the end of Februrary (more about that later), so I can use that money for any outings or the many outlet shopping trips I'm panning.

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outfromunder said...

it sounds like you've decided where you're going to throw your birthday money. i would probably do the same thing, except i have no vacation in sight so i would probably put more on a loan or keep some fun money.

it is birthday money after all, you never know when the shopping bug might hit you :)