Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally feeling well again

I wasn't planning on the long hiatus, but that cold really clobbered me. Today's the first day (two weeks later!) that I actually feel normal again, and didn't have to blow my nose every five minutes.

I had the day off for MLK day, so C and I continued our second annual MLK movie day. Last year we went to see There Will Be Blood (which wound up being my favourite movie of the year); this year, we saw Slumdog Milionaire. I really enjoyed the movie, although I thought it was pretty shallow overall -- great acting and an interesting story-telling device, but nothing too deep. Worth seeing, though. I rarely go to see movies in the theatre because it's so frickin' expensive. We went to a matinee, so that helped. I paid for the tickets (even for a matinee, it was $15.50 for the two of us, ugh!) and C paid for the snacks we bought at a nearby CVS before the movie. Another good reason to go to the movies -- Reeses Pieces! :)

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