Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work Blues

After two lovely weeks off from the full-time job, I returned to the office today feeling kind of sad. I'm grateful that I have a job right now, in this economic climate, but it was really great to enjoy some time off to relax. I had resolved to return to work with a positive attitude, but certain circumstances made that difficult.

In preparation for the week ahead, last night I had brewed a pot of coffee to put in the fridge for the week (I strongly prefer iced coffee to hot, so I make a batch each week and store it in the fridge - I save over $10 a week doing this instead of hitting Dunkin Donuts every morning). Or should I say, I attempted to brew a pot of coffee after my innkeeping shift...however, I forgot to put the filter piece back into the coffee maker, so what actually happened was that the coffee maker spit hot water and coffee everywhere, and I had to clean all of the disgusting hot coffee grounds out of the machine at 11PM. I couldn't fall asleep until 1 or 1:30, so I only got about five and half hours of sleep. Then, as I was leaving my apartment this morning, I took two very hard spills onto the ridiculously icy sidewalk. It really hurt, but I guess I'm lucky I landed on the most well-cushioned part of the human body. Unfortunately, I landed on the same spot both times, and I can't sit down without experiencing severe pain.

After two weeks off, my body is now used to getting 10-12 hours of sleep per night, so the limited sleep I got last night did not cut it. In fact, I think it may have killed my immune system -- by the end of the day, I had come down with a pretty bad cold. I haven't had a cold in almost two years! I'm planning to go to bed nice and early tonight and hope that I feel better in the morning. Hopefully the rest of the week goes more smoothly than today did.

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