Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Goals Revisited

Let's see how well I met my goals for October...

Savings goals
*Deposit $1,000 from paychecks
*Open a new CD for the downpayment fund in the amount of $2,000

I met both of these goals, and ended up opening two new CDs for the downpayment fund. I figured ING would cut their CD rates shortly after the Fed cut the interest rate, so I opened a 12-month CD at 4.25% a few days ago, in addition to the six-month CD I opened earlier in the month.

Loan payment goals
*Pay minimum on Perkins loan, Sallie Mae Private loan
*Pay $850 on SM Federal Loan

I did meet these goals, though I accidentally overpaid my Perkins loan. I thought I'd changed my automatic payment to the minimum (about $65), but it was still set at $75. I changed that, so everything should be good to go from now on.

Retirement goals
*contribute $153 per week to Roth 2008 IRA until the end of the year.
*stop looking at google portfolio! it's just depressing, at this point.

I kept up with my contributions, which has worked out pretty well for me since prices keep dropping. I haven't stopped looking at my Google portfolio completely, but I'm definitely not checking it every day. I usually just look at it when the market goes up, now, which is much better.

Spending goals
*Stop buying clothes!
*Keep dining out to a minimum. I've gone over budget on this for the last two months.

I did well with both of these. I did buy one sweater (for $15 at Old Navy, though), but that was it. Unfortunately, some of the crazy clothes spending from the previous month is showing up on this month's GapCard bill, which is lame since I thought I'd already paid all of that off. Oh well. I've been dining out less, keeping under my $50 budget.

Personal goals
*read at least three books this month.
*visit boyfriend's new apartment.
*continue walking to/from work as much as possible.
*start weight training again.
*make one new thing for dinner each week.

I accomplished all of these goals, except for the last one. I am planning to start up on that this month, though! I'm starting with a recipe for cabbage soup I found online. I did try a different version of cabbage soup last year which was pretty good, but this one sounds amazing.

I'll post my goals for November this week. I hope I can keep up with them as well as I did this month!

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