Monday, November 10, 2008

Earning My Keep

It happened again. In fact, it's been happening so often lately that I slept through it last night. Twice.

Emergency calls had been steadily kicking my ass for much of October, and now they've crossed over into November. A majority of these calls aren't actually emergencies (or for that matter, guests of the inn). I get hookers calling looking for rooms at 2am, taxi drivers trying to find out who called a cab (hint: if it's 5am, I've been asleep all night, not working, idea!), and people who are just generally clueless and need a little extra hand-holding. This type of call is generally ends pretty quickly, and I'm usually able to fall asleep again within 10 minutes or so. However, the calls of people screaming about temperature issues (annoying, but a relatively quick fix), inability to use their room phones/wireless internet (not actually an emergency), or needing an extra bed (ABSOLUTE WORST) take much longer to recover from. Usually it's a half hour or more before I can fall asleep, and when you factor in the time it takes to tend to these matters, I'm losing valuable hours of sleep per week.

I keep telling myself it's worth it to live rent free, and I know logically that it is. But when I fell asleep at 7:30pm last Friday, I realized that my body isn't aware of this arrangement. Poor thing.

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