Saturday, October 11, 2008

Podcasting the Economic Crisis

I've been listening to Marketplace on NPR every day for the past year. It's a great podcast, but I just can't take the depressing updates on the market every day right now. I've unsubscribed from the podcast for now, and Planet Money has replaced the show in my podcast rotation.

If you've heard one or both of the This American Life shows that dealt with the economic crisis, you'll be familiar with the Planet Money guys (they were behind those programs as well). They bring the same pragmatic clarity to their discussions of the insanity that we're facing right now as they did on TAL. Listening to people explain what the hell is going on in a way I can understand is really reassuring, even though the news is so scary right now.

If you haven't already heard the original TAL programs, you can find them here:

355: The Giant Pool of Money
365: Another Frightening Show about the Economy

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