Friday, May 1, 2009

Sidebar updated, change in savings plan

I updated my sidebars yesterday. Man, did my budgets get creamed during April. I overspent on groceries (by $25) and my dining out budget (by $12). I also had to withdraw $1950 from my downpayment fund in order to pay for the last month's rent on my apartment for September and my half of the realtor's fee. Now I'm back down to 53% of my goal on my downpayment savings. Ouch.

On the plus side, I received my tax refunds (~$500) and a $500 bonus at work (which ended up being about $300 after taxes). I was able to contribute an $300 to my emergency fund, and an extra $250 to my downpayment fund. I also maxed out my fun fund.

Since I'm going to be back to paying rent as of September, I'm changing the way I save for the next four months. Instead of dividing my savings among my emergency, downpayment, and Roth 2010 funds, I'm going to put it all into my emergency fund until it's maxed out. If I do this, I'll have that maxed sometime in July. I think this is the best move, and will make me feel a lot more secure in September when my monthly expenses skyrocket with the additions of rent and utilities, and I'm not able to save as much money each month.

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