Monday, November 24, 2008

Men at Work

I discovered, upon arriving at the subway stop I get off to go to work, that the power is out for a few city blocks surrounding my office. My office building was completely shut down due to the outage, so we were all sent home. It's nice to have a day off, but irritating that I couldn't have been notified prior to trekking out to the office.

It's not a good day for an impromptu day off because the inn's owner and his brother were supposed to be working on my heat today. They're going to install a thermostat so that I can control the temperature for my apartment and the guest room above my apartment (which also suffers from lack of heat). Unfortunately, the owner's brother is not very professional when he does work in my apartment. I once came home to find my apartment completely trashed because he had been working on replacing my heating pipes; like, he had actually spilled my cat's litterbox all over the floor. Gross. I really appreciate his willingness to work on the apartment and get this done, but it's frustrating to have to clean up for hours after he leaves. Hopefully, with the owner here, he'll be more cautious. I put some dropcloths down in hopes that it will minimize the damage.

I've just been informed that they're now going to come over after 5, which is really annoying and inconvenient. Since I'm home it's not so bad, but I would've been really pissed to show up at my apartment after work, ready to make dinner, only to find these two clowns working in my apartment. I know it probably sounds like I'm a whining, ungrateful brat, since I don't even pay rent. I definitely am grateful. I'm also a highly routine-oriented person, and having people working my apartment seriously disturbs my routine and throws me completely off kilter. Here's hoping they get this done quickly, with minimal mess.

Edit: They never showed up, so I put off exercising/showering/eating dinner for nothing. Bah.

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