Saturday, October 4, 2008

October Goals

Savings goals
*Deposit $1,000 from paychecks
- $425 goes to emergency fund
- $425 goes to downpayment fund
- $150 goes to my "fun fund" (a savings account that I use for things like travel, gifts, etc.)
*Open a new CD for the downpayment fund in the amount of $2,000

Loan payment goals
*Pay minimum on Perkins loan (to be added to the sidebar shortly), Sallie Mae Private loan
*Pay $850 on SM Federal Loan

Retirement goals
*contribute $153 per week to Roth 2008 IRA until the end of the year.
*stop looking at google portfolio! it's just depressing, at this point.

Spending goals
*Stop buying clothes! with the exception of a possible outlet shopping trip with mom sometime in the near future, I am not buying any more clothes. I've been doing way too much end-of-season online shopping. Scoring amazing deals, yes, but I really shouldn't be buying clothes. The only other exception is if I find the perfect pair of boots, which I've been waiting over a year to buy, or if there are excellent sales on sweaters, since my winter wardrobe is sorely lacking.
*Keep dining out to a minimum. I've gone over budget on this for the last two months.

Personal goals
*read at least three books this month. i think i only finished one last month, which is quite lame.
*visit boyfriend's new apartment. he moved in over a month ago and I've only been there once. we mostly hang out at my place, since he has three roommates and i have zero, but still.
*continue walking to/from work as much as possible. it will soon be too cold (and god forbid, snowy) to do this, so i need to get my walks in while i still can. I'm really going to miss this in the winter, particularly when my face is pressed against the glass doors on the train every morning.
*start weight training again. i used to do this a couple of times each week, but I've gotten increasingly lazy since i moved.
*make one new thing for dinner each week. i usually succeed at this particular goal, but I've been really tired lately so i haven't been as creative with food as I'd like.

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